Now that you’ve decided to buy replacement windows for your home, you have to choose what type to get. With all the benefits that come with a diversity of modern material and design choices comes the challenge of narrowing down the right one.

Fiber Glass & Vinyl Window

Whereas our ancestors only had a few products to select from, one can easily spend hours sifting through various window styles today. To keep things simple and the buying process hassle to a minimum, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the basic materials.

Fiberglass and vinyl are two of the most popular window products; due to their high energy-efficiency ratings and affordability, they are now used in the vast majority of residential and commercial building projects.

So, the next obvious question is, which one is right for you?

Vinyl or Fiberglass? A Brief Guide to Selecting the Right Windows

At this point, you may have done enough research to find that fiberglass is typically regarded as superior to vinyl in terms of aesthetics and durability, but it is always important to weigh the pros and cons before committing to any purchasing decision.

On the upside, vinyl tends to be a lot cheaper and easier for the homeowner wanting to perform a DIY remodeling project. Ease of installation makes the material a top choice for many people. Ultimately, however, vinyl and fibreglass share many similarities. Each are comprised of synthetic materials, are highly resistant to Mother Nature, and are available in solid colors.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

If a large variety of colors and finishes is a high priority to you, then fiberglass may be the better choice of the two; although both materials come in many solid colors, vinyl does not have the advantage of being paintable. People who are interested in switching color themes and/or fully customizable aesthetics should consider fiberglass.

When the conversation shifts to strength, vinyl is often weaker than its counterpart. While windows offer no structural support, the quality of a fiberglass window treated with a product like Ultrex is enticing to many homeowners.

Vinyl also scores a bit lower on the durability factor, but it’s important to note that both materials are rated for very long lifespans. Both products are roughly the same in terms of energy-efficiency and maintenance requirements.

Whether you end up going with vinyl or fiberglass for your next replacement windows, be happy knowing you are making a great investment. Your home will be safer, more secure, and cheaper to heat and cool!