Catching up on reading lists can seem daunting if you struggle to connect with the books on the list—luckily, reading well is a skill like any other and can be improved with practice. Your environment plays a big role in developing good habits, which is why places like libraries and offices are associated with activities requiring focus. Reading nooks will give you the perfect balance between concentrating on reading and understanding the text, while making reading an enjoyable pastime. Here are some ideas for creating a reading nook in your space.

Reading Nooks For Book Lovers


For homes with an open staircase, the area under the stairs often goes underused because of its awkward shape. As you can see, squeezing a reading corner under the staircase is an effective way of using the space, because it’s designed for you to recline, parallel to the staircase. This setup is not only a good use of space, it enforces an important element of reading, which is to remove distractions. Since everyone has limited attention spans, the easiest way to improve your focus during reading is to find a quiet space.

Window Seat On The Stair


This reading nook which is wedged between the walls of a corridor is very cozy and, because of its size, it’s easily furnished with a few throw pillows. Having walls on either side gives you the option of leaning up against the wall for greater comfort and back support. Proper posture while reading is a subtle factor that affects your reading habits in the long run because you don’t want to develop back problems as a result of reading and you don’t want to associate back pain with the act of reading. If you want to lean up against the wall, make sure that it’s comfortable enough to do so for as long as you’re reading or check to see if your feet can touch the ground while in the sitting position inside the nook.

Inspiring Window Reading Nook


Reading nooks are commonly situated near windows, and it’s not just for the view. Having sufficient reading light is important for seeing properly. Poor lighting slows down reading speed, which affects how you experience a text. Artificial lighting is just as good as a natural light source, but it’s much easier to relax while sitting next to a window.

Whether you’re staring off into the garden as you contemplate the book in front of you, or you’re enjoying the breeze as you browse through a magazine—find yourself next to a window while seated in your reading nook.