When it comes to isolating the living room or kitchen from the patio, nothing does the job better than a glass sliding door. It provides protection against the elements but still allows sunlight to filter through to provide the room with natural lighting. It is necessary to clean and maintain glass sliding doors so that they continue to look good and do not have to be replaced. Glass sliding doors are not too difficult to maintain; they do not have to be cleaned regularly and a simple cleaning job goes a long way. Here are some top tips on how to take care of glass sliding doors:

– The inner side of the glass panel is definitely the easiest to clean. Simply spray on any commercially available glass cleaner and wipe off with a clean rag. Ensure that you do not clean the glass pane when under direct sunlight; it can cause unsightly streaks as the cleaner dries up.

– For the outer side of the glass pane, prepare a soap water solution. Scrub the glass with the solution and hose it down with water. Use a soft scrubber to ensure that you do not leave any scratches on the glass pane. Finish off by wiping it down with a glass cleaner and a clean rag.

– Glass sliding doors can slide much more easily if the rollers they sit on are well lubricated. Lubricating oil can be purchased from any home improvement or hardware store and should be used to lubricate the rollers in the frame. Wipe off any excess oil that land on the glass pane.