Home renovations are usually a lengthy, and sometimes expensive, endeavor that many homeowners take upon themselves every year, typically during the warmer weather months.

Home Renovation

While DIY projects can save you money and even be fun, there are some home renovations that should always be left to the professionals. Many home reno projects seem like simple fixes, but without the help of a trained professional, the task can quickly become more of a pain than a pleasure.

In worst-case scenarios, you’ll find yourself putting in more time and money than you would have if you called a professional in the first place.

So what are some of the projects you should never try to DIY?

  1. Removing walls to create a larger space is always risky to do on your own. There are supporting structures in every home and busting through one of the supports could cause for a great amount of damage. Not to mention if you take down a wall with any electrical wiring or plumbing run through it, you’ll be creating a problem for other areas of the house, as well.
  2. Replacing windows isn’t just difficult to do; the success of their installation will play a large role in your energy costs for the years to come.
  3. For a proper window replacement, old windows and their frames need to be removed. The new windows will have to fit perfectly and then be secured into the same open area. This can be very time consuming and extremely dangerous if the windows that aren’t on ground level. Improper installation can lead to increased moisture inside the house, loss of heat or cool air, and a decrease in the home’s overall security.

  4. Redoing the basement needs to be done by professionals. Not only are basement renovations typically dangerous, but they are difficult to do. All plumbing and electricity tends to run through the basement, so small errors can have large repercussions.
  5. Due to the amount of moisture in a bathroom, it is best to hire professionals for bathroom renovations. The lack of ventilation can make the job more difficult and can make you sick if you happen to inhale hazardous fumes in the process. Not to mention that if tiling or drywall isn’t installed properly, it can trap moisture over time, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow.
  6. Electrical work is often times very dangerous. Many people have no clue where to begin when a home needs the electrical work redone. Special tools, protective gear and pieces of equipment will be necessary.
  7. If you intend on doing any tile or work or even working with marble or granite, all the pros! Tiles and other natural materials with such a hard surface take special equipment to cut pieces to the right size. These types of equipment usually include very sharp saws and protective gear.

Don’t cause your home more damage or money than necessary. While it can be rewarding to complete simple DIY projects around the home, large jobs should always be left to the professionals!