Energy-saving LED lightbulb

Energy-saving LED lightbulb

By this point in January, a lot of people have already abandoned most of the New Year’s resolutions that they set out in 2014 to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few new goals this year that will still make things feel brighter and better in one big place that counts: your home.

It’s often hardest to motivate yourself at home after a long day, or maybe even a long week, but some projects can be quick and painless, or you can schedule the time in to make sure you get it done. Either way, Heritage Home Design has a few tips to help you get motivated to make your home better, more organized, and safer.

Go Energy Efficient
Changing all of your lightbulbs to energy efficient alternatives is a quick and easy way to save a little money, and most energy efficient bulbs also last a lot longer than their counterparts.

For a bigger project to improve your home, consider replacing old appliances with new, energy-saving models. Some of the best appliances you should consider replacing are deep freezes, which can consume a large amount of power, to washers and dryers. Any models that are more than 10 to 20 years old are likely long overdue to be replaced, and while there is an up-front cost, you will save money in the long run on your energy bills.

Go Green
This is an easy one. If your home could use a little life, go out and buy a plant. Plants require some work, of course, with watering, but they can brighten up any room and some varieties, like spider plants and some ferns, will even help improve the air quality in your house. Consider flowering plants to bring some brightness into your living room or dining space.

Get Organized
After the holidays especially, or maybe even after a few weeks of neglect, any home can start feeling cluttered. Take a few hours and pick a room and get it organized. Put things back where they belong, decide if it’s time to donate other items, and generally get everything sorted out. You probably won’t believe how much better this will make you feel, and even an hour can make a difference to your living space, or your office where there are likely piles of paper and documents.

Get Creative
This one requires a bit more effort, but it will pay off. Pick a room in your house and start a project that will bring it some new life. If you have an unfinished room, paint it, get the final touches on it, and turn it into a space you could use. Or, find a well-used room that is looking a little dated and plan a project to renovate. The key to this goal is to carefully plan your time so you can complete it without giving yourself headaches for weeks. In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Make It Safe
Almost every home has safety issues. Maybe it’s a loose wire here, or a loose screw there–either way, find the time to make a list and pick a time each week to check one thing off a week. The goal here is to be careful and make your home as safe as possible.

Make Something
Okay, this one is not for everyone, but challenge yourself to make or build something for your home. You can build a simple bird feeder with your kids, or maybe you want to be decorative and make something artsy. If you’re artistic, even a painting would be something fun to do, and it could even turn into a hobby, if you end up enjoying it. Just pick something you want to accomplish and see how it turns out.

Have Some Fun
This one is easy. Do something for yourself. We often get so wrapped up in jobs around the house that we don’t take time to enjoy it. Take an hour and do something you love around the house. There will always be more things to do, but they can probably wait a little bit longer so you can relax after all the work you’ve done.

Install New Windows and Doors
Of course, there is one more project we would recommend. Most people often wait too long to replace their windows and doors. Take a few minutes and check your own around the house and see if the seals are holding up, or if it’s time to replace them. Even if the windows are still in good condition, you may also want to consider replacing them if they don’t keep the heat in your home during the winter, or if they let in a lot of heat during summer. Wind and water leaks are of course another reason to get them fixed, but you could also consider an update even just to liven up the look of your home.

When you’re ready to replace your windows and doors, contact us and we’ll take care of everything.

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