Just like everything in the design world, style goes in and out with the times. Some looks will stay for years, while others come and go in a snap. That is just as true for window treatments as it is for fashion.

Window Trends

Below are some of 2015’s most popular window treatments!

Natural Look

This has been becoming more popular as people feel the need to bring a little bit of nature back into their lives. Earth tones like light brown, green, blue, and gold will help your window blend more into nature. You can further improve on your window’s natural vibe by adding shades made from natural materials like bamboo or wood.

Efficient Windows

In today’s society efficiency is a badge of honor for homeowners to show off proudly. It’s even better when that efficiency saves money. Having single-paned windows replaced with double- or triple-pained glass is great for both saving energy and keeping your home comfortable, as it acts as a natural insulator. There are also specially designed installations that can further improve on the passive home.

Powerful Color Choices

Having the ability to customize colors makes this trend a no brainer. You can set your windows to be whatever color you want to match the interior of your home. Darker colors to help make a sedate atmosphere, or bright ones to help cheer up any guest. There is also the opportunity to mix and match your paints with the furniture.

For the outdoor window finishes, lighter colors have begun catching on.

Allowing the Outdoors In

Combining exteriors with interiors is nothing new, but in the past year more and more people find themselves pushing the two to merge. This means that there are greater demands for large windows and glass doorways. With the easy access in or out, homeowners are enjoying an uninterrupted union with the outdoors.

Technical Improvements

Technology is great for many things, but there is something in it that invokes childlike glee when being used in your home. There are window blinds that can be controlled at the push of a button, or put on a time so that they open up every morning at the same time. These little advances are a great way to show off your new windows. Giving your guests something to think about for their homes.


If you feel that your windows are missing a little something, join the crowd and consider throwing up some fabrics to help frame your lovely windows. While the trend of simplicity has remained, many homeowners have been using luxury fabrics to improve their interiors. Silks, velvets, bold prints, sleek lines, or even blackout curtains are all great ways to add flair to your home.

Styles are always changing and evolving, and window styles and trends are no exception. For the latest in home décor and design, or information and inspiration in updating your home, contact our team today!