For those seeking to add something different to their house architecturally, sliding doors provide a fantastic alternative to traditional swing-open-and-shut doors. Before having sliding doors made, homeowners will have to decide what material needs to be used for the frame. Where the sliding door is going to be installed is usually the ultimate deciding factor about which material to use. Also, what the sliding door will be used for also makes a big difference. Sliding doors used to separate the living room from a patio will obviously use different materials than a sliding door being used as a room divider.

Wood and aluminium are by far the two most popular choices when it comes to sliding door frames. Aluminium door frames are lighter than their wooden counterparts and this makes them easier to operate. It is also a lot cheaper to have an aluminium frame than a wooden door frame. Aluminium does not have a reputation for being the most rugged of materials, but is ideal for patio doors. These doors are exposed to the elements and it helps that aluminium is rust-proof, corrosion-free and able to handle extreme temperatures.

Wooden door frames are not only more expensive than aluminium, but also require more care. However, aluminium sliding doors cannot match the elegance of a well-constructed and maintained wooden sliding door. They cannot be used outdoors, but are perfect for closet covers and room dividers. For homeowners opting for particular themed interiors (Japanese, Spanish-Villa, etc.), wooden sliding door frames are definitely the best choice.