Every good design makes a statement. What statement your home makes is entirely up to you, but the first place to start is with your front door. This is the primary feature that visitors see up close, and it can be used to create almost any mood or feeling.

Make A Statement With Door Colour

Your front door’s colour can be used to evoke a sense of style that impresses all of your guests. Understanding how to make a statement with your front door colour will help you create a distinct and personalized look for your home!

Emphasizing Your Front Door

The front door is considered to be the mouth of any home. It’s the entryway to your personal space and is the welcoming point for friends, family, and all loved ones.

Front doors must also be practical. They protect you and your belongings from external threats such as extreme weather conditions or unwanted intruders. The materials used to construct them must be durable over time, but you can strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics by choosing the right colour that accentuates the entire look of your home.

How to Use Colour Effectively

Different colours work to create distinct moods and tap into many emotions. A red door, for example, has traditionally been used to indicate that a home is welcoming to all guests. These shades have a lively and energetic feel to them, and often attract attention from passersby thanks to their bod, vibrant nature.

Blue can also be used to evoke feelings of calmness and trust. This bold primary alludes to such natural elements as water and the sky, and in Feng Shui traditions, blue suggests prosperity and abundance.

Homeowners looking to convey a more natural appearance should opt for shades of green. This is often associated with feelings of peace, growth, and harmony, and those who have green doors are seen as having strong core values and seeking personal development.

Although often considered to be a lack of colour, white can also be used to make a statement with your front door. White exemplifies a minimal and simplistic taste and can make a home look and feel more organized and balanced.

Painting Your Door the Right Way

Using colour to make a statement with your front door works best when you use the right materials to paint it. One of the biggest factors in choosing the right paint is the material used to construct your door.

New doors that are free of wear or damage can benefit from using a high-gloss paint. This brings out the colour you choose and provides a clean appearance. Any damage will be emphasized when using high-gloss paints and should be avoided on older doors.

There is a variety of paint types available including semi-gloss, matte, and low-lustre finishes, all of which are available in products that can withstand the elements outside. Consulting with a professional door replacement service will help you determine the right one for your needs!

It’s easy to make a statement with your home. The front door is the best place to start by using one of many colours that can help create a mood and suggest specific qualities.Understanding how to use colour for your front doors creates a more personalized home for you to enjoy, so talk to our experts today for help!