It’s an invisible problem that can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars a year on your hydro bill, and losing home energy through inefficient windows is something that can even affect energy-saving windows.

Keeping Windows Efficient

However, you can fight back against energy loss by trying out the following tips to make your energy-saving windows even better.

Blinds matter

Not many people appreciate the role that blinds can have in increasing the energy efficiency of your windows. In fact, blinds can be a great help in keeping your home cool in the summer by making sure heat doesn’t get in.

Take measures to ensure your interior blinds are set up to control heat intake. Slat blinds give you control in the summer over how much heat is let in because you can change the slats from horizontal to vertical, altering how much sun comes in and where it is directed. By keeping the slats pointed slightly downward, you can take advantage of the natural light while still minimizing the amount of heat being created inside the room. Closed slats that have a reflective layer will actually reflect the sun’s rays outward, reducing the amount of solar heat that gets into your home.

Exterior blinds can have the same effect. These window-mounted blinds can be lowered using rollers, and when closed will provide shade from the heat.

Overhangs help

The positioning of roof overhangs can also help control energy intake into your home. Their big benefit is providing shade to southern-facing windows during summer, but they can also be set up to let in sunlight in the winter, offering free heating. If your home can’t have overhangs installed, consider other options including patio covers and awnings to bring about the same result.

Storm panel protection

Not just for guarding against the impact of inclement weather, storm panels can also add energy efficiency by reducing heat loss.

While most people think of storm panels as external objects, they can be used inside the house, as well. Exterior panels can be installed during the fall and removed during the spring for maximum seasonal effect. Interior panels, meanwhile, can be easily installed using snap-in seals or two-sided tape, making for an inexpensive option during the times you’re looking to boost energy efficiency in your home.

Mesh screens

To reduce the amount of heat getting in during summer, consider using mesh screens. These screens will diffuse solar rays, and can be placed on a window’s interior or exterior.

Reflective films

Another way to control heat in summer is by applying a high-reflexive film to your window. These come in transparent or silver options, and work best on west- or east-side windows.

Obviously you’re not going to install all of the above, but the point is that regardless of the aesthetic or price point in which you’re trying to work within, there are options available to you. Talk to the Heritage Home experts today to find out how we can reduce your energy costs this summer and throughout your year!