It’s the area of your property that welcomes guests the moment they arrive. It’s an element that can present an immediate impression of your home decorating tastes and style. But few Canadian homeowners give full consideration to the type of front door they install within their home. Our trusted team has have significant experience in this area, and within this post, we’ll explain how to choose the right front door for your home.

Choosing Front Door

Carefully Measure the Size of the Entryway

When considering front door options, it’s important that you review the size of the entryway to ensure the ideal door size is chosen. While most traditional doors measure 32”-to-36” wide, yours might be significantly larger or smaller depending on your home style. By taking on the measuring work carefully, you can begin the design selection process with a clear understanding on your requirements. During the measuring work, it’s important to take into consideration any ornamental features you may wish to add to the door.

Review the Various Materials Alongside an Expert

In the current marketplace, manufacturers are offering front doors in a broad range of materials. It’s important to select the right material for the structure of the home, the local climate and for your unique budget. For example, you may wish to choose a fiberglass door for the material’s durability and affordability. Or you might wish to add a natural wood front door to your home. There are many unique elements to take into consideration. By working with a trusted industry specialist in the material selection process, you can eliminate many material problems at a later date.

Consider Both the Upfront Cost and the Long-Term Cost

When purchasing any new investments for your home space, there are usually upfront costs and long-term costs to take into consideration. You’ll need to review both of these elements carefully when considering the door. For example, some homeowners choose steel front doors due to the material’s affordable pricing, but they may find they encounter small dents in the coming years that can be expensive to fix.

Through careful selection of your front door product, you can find the ideal piece for integration into your home. Working with an industry specialist can help ensure a lasting return for your investment. To learn more on the door selection process, contact our experts today!