Living in a good neighbourhood means that there’s already a level of safety, so curtains are not necessarily being used for the protection of your home. In fact, drawing closed the curtains of windows that are street-facing may cause concern for your neighbours. But curtains are still very useful in other parts of the house, since they provide privacy, a way to control natural lighting within your home, and are part of the decor. Here are some things to consider when looking for curtains for your home:

Choosing The Right Curtains

Curtains in children’s rooms

As part of a healthy environment, kids need to learn how to take care of themselves and spend time alone, so there will be times when parental supervision is not required. However, this means that you’ll need to equip them with the right tools, and part of ensuring they’re in a safe space is protecting their privacy. Curtains will shield them from invasive looks from outside, so it’s best to have the following:

  • Heavy, floor length curtains to provide sufficient coverage over the window
  • A sturdy curtain rail, in case you child braces a fall using the curtains
  • Curtains with a pattern your child will like, so that they’re motivated to close them

Bath window curtains

The curtains on a bathroom window aren’t adjusted regularly, and they tend to barely cover parts of the window because some light should fall into the bathroom during the day. The most common arrangement is combining a flat curtain panel with a valance, so there’s only a gap of light entering the room, which is positioned high enough to prevent people from seeing into the bathroom. The curtain fabric can be sheer since your neighbours might not be able to see into your home if your properties surround a large enough space around your houses, but you shouldn’t shy away from considering curtains made from more luxurious fabrics. A properly ventilated bathroom means fabrics absorb less moisture that’s released into the air during showers and handwashing.

Have the best view

For rooms that overlook the backyard, look into having sheer curtains—this is useful because it reduces the light from the glaring sun during summer months, without blocking out the windows altogether. Sheer linen drapes are soft enough to let you sleep through the light if necessary while allowing you to enjoy the sunrise from your bed.

In addition to the considerations addressed above, there are other window dressings to meet your needs. It’s important to take the time to find a great solution because carefully chosen windows for your home should be matched with carefully chosen curtains.