The front door is one of the first things you, and your neighbours, see as you pass by the house. There are unstated dynamics that go on in a neighbourhood, so it makes sense to set aside some time to consider the consequences of choosing a front door.

Choosing A Front Door That Suits Your Surroundings

Fitting in

Some neighbourhoods have a greater consistency in the appearance of the homes. Sometimes developers will build a small group of semi-detached homes for the purpose of sale or rental, and in these neighbourhoods, you’ll find that homes will look similar. There is also tract housing, popular in burgeoning areas in which large prefabricated homes are quickly built. In such cases, it is better for the value of the home to match the surrounding properties by replacing the door with one that looks like everyone else’s.

Abiding by the HOA’s rules

In Canada, Homeowners’ Associations (HOA’s) are not as popular, but they still exist. It is in your best interest to make sure that the appearance of your home fits the bill, so whatever is specified in the HOA’s handbook should guide your choice of front door. If you live in a condominium, it will be the condo corporation’s responsibility to replace the door, not yours.

It depends on safety

Neighbourhoods can sometimes be exposed to more crime than others, and it can be due to influences that are hard to control. The strongest doors are either made of fibreglass, steel, or wood. Wood is the most expensive of the three, but it is well worth the cost. However, fibreglass is the most durable of them all. Fibreglass can also be manufactured to look like real wood, complete with its own grain. Steel doors that have a protective clear coat work best for homes with a minimalist and modern appeal.

In neighbourhoods that are able to support a greater sense of community, doors with the following features will make your home, and by extension you, appear inviting:

  • A door painted a light colour;
  • Windows so visitors can see who’s at the door and vice versa;
  • Porch lights

Spending the right amount

Appearances can be important in nice neighbourhoods. The decision to purchase an upscale home will seem inconsistent if you have a front door that’s too cheap. To avoid scrutiny, make sure you get a quality door — wood is always a good choice.