Garage doors are not often thought about when home maintenance comes up. Sure they are used almost every day; lifting up and down to keep your car sheltered from the elements and your outdoor equipment safe. That means there is no excuse not to take the time and give your garage the much needed attention it deserves!

Garage Door Spring FAQ’s

Know Your Garage Door

The average garage door is often a large piece of metal that is separated into flexible pieces. When you hit the button to open it up, the garage opener activates and pulls it up on its track system. The springs of the garage are used to lessen the weight of the garage, relieving enough of the weight so that the motor can pull it off the ground.

If your springs are starting to wear out, it will cause the motor to overtax itself to try and lift the heavy door. If not taken care of, there is a serious potential of people getting hurt or damage being done to the garage door itself, or the items its protecting.

What to Lookout For

To tell if your springs need to replaced, you’ll have to manually lift the door. Like anytime you spend working on your garage door, first ensure that the handle is not licked. Once you have done this, grab the door from the bottom and begin to lift. If your springs are working properly, then the door should be a light enough weight for you to lift easily. If the springs are in need of replacing, you will have trouble, or be unable, to lift the door at all.

Maintaining the Parts

Take the time to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. This includes the tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs. Simply apply the lubricant, and then wipe away any of the excess that may have been left behind.

Some of the parts that suffer the most from wear-and-tear are the springs and wheels. To start working on them, first pull the manual disengage handle. This will release the garage door from the opener, allowing you access to its moving parts without the door still hanging on.

When to Replace

You should give your garage a good checkup at least once a year, but you can expect your springs to last between 6-10 years. This number is dependent on how much your garage is used, the kinds of weather it has to deal with, and if you maintain everything properly.

If your garage door isn’t working properly, or you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your garage to increase curbside appeal or to simply make it more enjoyable for those using it, talk to our experts today! An unsteady garage door is an unsafe garage door. Connect with the Heritage team to see what we can do to revamp your garage while protecting your family today!