While homeowners do whatever they can to make their home visually appealing on the interior, they usually worry about the exterior as well. Of course, gardening and keeping a freshly cut lawn will greatly help the home’s appeal, but choosing an attractive front door colour creates the perfect welcoming environment for residents, visitors, and even potential buyers.

Perfect Front Door Colour

One of the first things people notice is the home’s front door, and therefore it is a key element to your home’s charm. By selecting a door that is suitable to the home’s essence and your family’s personality, you can create an eye catching piece that welcomes anyone as they arrive!

Tips on Finding the Right Door Colour

When it comes to your front door, like any area of home décor, the customization options are endless. While white and wooden doors are typically the most common, they are bland and don’t do much for the home’s exterior. Find a colour that suits your personality and home!

  • Consider your style and family’s personality. If you are more upbeat and fun, choose a bright lively colour for your front door. If you spend a majority of your time at a cottage by the lake, consider something a little more rustic. The colour should be a reflection of who the door leads to, so have fun with it!
  • Think about the other colours of the home’s exterior and try to match the overall appearance of the home. If you have a red brick home, you won’t want a bright pink door. Try to create a cohesive feel with the entire house.
  • Consider what type of door you want. Depending on the type that’s best for your home, not all colours will look right or even be available to you. A steel door is best left in its natural hues, while a wood or fiberglass door will allow you to get creative!
  • Get tester samples if you can. Try to visualize several colours before you choose one. The easiest way to do this is to take a picture of your home and Photoshop the front door! It will save you both time and money in the trial-and-error process of painting and re-painting.
  • Match paint samples or colour swatches already existing on or in the home to those at the store. This will give an easy flow to the feel of your home.
  • Think about the emotion or feeling you would like to derive from the paint colour you choose from the door. Certain colours evoke certain feelings. For example, blues happen to be calming, while reds are more alarming and bold.

Treat the colour of your door the same as you would the colour of a room. Decide what goes best with its surroundings, how you want it to make you feel, and what would, on average, be considered appealing from the outside. The front door is the entrance to your abode and it should be something that not only reflects the style of your home, but the personalities of those who reside there!