There are plenty of ways to light up your home. Fluorescents, incandescent, and LEDs are all options to brighten your room. However, none of these options do it as well, or as cheaply, as natural light. Not only does natural light look better in your home, but it will also assist in keeping everything warm, giving your body a much need dash of sunshine.

Amplifying Natural Light

Install Glass Doors

Large glass doors are great for your backyard, giving you the opportunity to look out and enjoy the outside without having to worry about people looking back at you. For your other doors, the front door especially, look to getting doors with windows that are either eye level or are clouded. You may not get as much sun light as you like, but that extra bit of privacy is hard to beat.

Use Mirrors to Reflect the Light

Place mirrors in strategic locations to help increase the light in the room. For bathrooms or smaller rooms, try and put the sink and mirror in a location in which the outside light will hit it several times a day. If you have trouble finding a spot you like, consider mirroring the entire wall. For larger rooms, look to pieces that can be moved around like a standing mirror. However you choose to do it, mirrors are a cheap way to lighten up your home while also adding in a bit of style.

Invest in Skylights

When the sun is shining high in the sky, there is nothing that’ll bring more light in your home than a skylight. Some small downsides are that older installations of these windows tend to have issues with rainwater leakage, however that can be avoided in the future by simply having a trusted company install your skylight.

For a more cost effective option, look towards getting a tubular skylight. These skylights reflect light through a relatively small hole, about 18 inches. They cost much less to install and with their smaller size they are less likely to have issues with letting in rain, even as they age.

Install Additional Windows

Sometimes the simple answers are the best kind, and there is no simpler way to get more natural light in your home than with additional windows. Consider putting new windows where you and your family tend to spend time together, like the living room or kitchen. If you’re looking for dark places that could use a little more light, look to your stairwells or landings.

Window Treatments

If your home already has plenty of windows and you still aren’t getting enough sunlight, don’t fret. You may just have a simple issue with your window treatments. If you’re looking for more light, you want your treatments to be very light. There is also the use of curtains. For a less dampening effect, use light colors or thin fabrics.