If you want to leave your guests with a major impression, try and create a grand entrance way. One that will immediately draw their attention and leave them speechless. There are plenty of ways to do this, some include using vibrant colors while others are about letting your decor make a bold statement.

Impressive Front Door Tips

Home owners have dozens of options to create a statement as soon as a guest walks in, and below are just a few.

Natural Light

Something that people don’t often expect when they walk in somewhere is to see much natural light. Sure, there might be a few windows in your foyer, but it’s rarely more than one or two. To help in making your entranceway far more grand, look to adding a score of windows, skylights, or mirrors. These will not only fill up the space with natural light, but also help give off a warm atmosphere.

Bold Details and Colors

Picking out patterns or furniture that stands out means that people will notice it quickly. Keep your eyes peeled for pieces that match your taste that can stand out.

If you have a smaller space and don’t want to clutter it up with furniture, spend time picking out bold paints or wallpapers. Darker hues will create a cozy feeling while brighter colors can make the room seem larger.

Distinctive Doorways

There’s no better way to get people talking about your entrance than by having an impressive front door. There are literally hundreds of different designs to pick from, each making its own statement. If you want to show off a more classic look, go with a dark wooden door. For more modern décor, there are fiberglass and steel doors with windows full of intricate designs. No matter the statement you want to make with visitors, you’ll be able deliver it with minimal effort.

Less is More

Sometimes there can be too much to take in. If you’ve got several dozen plants growing around your front door and in the foyer, people may have trouble noticing anything else. Look to make an impact with the fewest amount of pieces possible. A single antique table with a piece or two on top can speak volumes. This strategy is especially affective when your space is smaller, making every choice important so that the room remains comfortable to stand in.

Focus on a Style

By choosing a style to stick with, you don’t have to worry if your colors will match with your furniture or if there might be a problem with the flow of the room. Focusing on a single style means that everything should match with each other flawlessly. Trying to make a beach room in the middle of the Midwest? Pick out large windows with plantation shutters and match them with some white wicker furniture. The style you choose will make your entrance stand out among a sea of average ones.

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