Sliding doors are becoming one of the leading ways for homeowners to consolidate space within their properties, and it’s for this reason that this style of door design is now trending within the home renovation marketplace.

Sliding Door Trends

Before analyzing their home décor requirements and selecting their next home door, homeowners should review the trends carefully to pick out the ideal style for their property. In this post, we’ll take a look at four trending sliding door designs.

  1. Pocket Doors
  2. Pocket doors are a feature of older model homes that are swiftly returning to newer properties. The major benefit that pocket doors bring to the home is that they disappear completely behind a compartment or wall area adjacent to the door. This is ideal for those seeking a stylish and clean finish to closet spaces, bathrooms, and utility rooms in which there is minimal space.

  3. Barn-Style Sliding Passage Doors
  4. Barn doors bring a rustic appeal to the traditional home environment, and homeowners across the country are now adding a stylish new twist on this classical home element. One advantage that barn-style sliding doors have over other styles is their simplicity. Homeowners are now using sliding barn door systems to separate rooms within the home while bringing classical style to the property. In addition, barn doors can often be integrated at affordable pricing due to their simplicity, thereby helping homeowners reduce their home upgrade costs.

  5. Shoji Screens
  6. Used across Japan for centuries, Shoji screens are a leading sliding door design. They are now becoming popular across North America due to their simplicity for use in the home, and their design, which allows a greater amount of light within darker home spaces. Shoji screens use translucent paper to separate spaces rather than traditional Western building materials such as wood and concrete.

  7. Bypass Doors
  8. Bypass doors hold a number of applications within the modern home. They can be utilized to separate two spaces within the same room or they can be harnessed to provide privacy when hosting a party. Their design features doors that slide one behind the other to assure sleek appeal within the contemporary living space. Bypass doors are available in a range of material styles to suit all types of home décor.

By learning more on the available sliding door options for their properties, homeowners across the country can find the right product for their personal décor tastes. To learn more on the styles on offer within the market, speak with our trusted team today!