The facade of your home is the first thing you and your visitors see when walking up the steps to your house. This simple and affordable renovation will be a strong benefit to both the resale value of your home and its ability to impress guests.

Entry Doors

Creating curb appeal (especially when you live in a neighbourhood) isn’t an easy task, but giving a cookie-cutter home a unique touch with a unique and attractive door will let your home stick out; intriguing everyone from passers-by to future potential purchasers.

Resale value is key

Everyone from neighbours to salesmen will see the facade of your home many more times than the back. Since it gets so much attention, how it looks has a huge effect on its value when compared to the other homes nearby.

Even if you’re not planning to move anytime soon, it’s important to understand the value that improving your home’s aesthetics can have on your neighbourhood as a whole. The selling market is currently active, and by improving the look of your home, you’ll help your selling neighbours attract higher bids, who will in turn invest in their homes and raise the underlying value of your neighbourhood.

Compared to other renovations you might make, improving your home’s exterior appearance will have both short-term and long-term benefits.

A change of surroundings

Structure is good for you, but too much routine can be stifling. Shaking things up by making small but significant changes to your day-to-day life can lead to a refreshed perspective and a generally more positive mood. These can include minor details like a change in your commute route, rearranging your office desk, or upgrading your front door for a more pleasing welcome home at night.

Live safely

The key to preventing burglary is putting enough deterrents to make your home less of a target compared to other homes. A solid, sturdy door is not only better at keeping you safe, it also gives potential intruders pause.

Fiberglass and steel are particularly suited to the task because they’re strong and heavy. Additional security measures can be installed on the inside of the door to better protect your home, your valuables, and most importantly, your family.

Climate control

Old doors can form a seal improperly with the edges along the jamb, meaning air leaves and enters the home easily. In the winter, you’ll be losing far more heat than necessary. Furthermore, new doors have insulating properties that can help keep the temperature from fluctuating, regardless of the weather outside. Look for Energy Star labels or speak to our team for guidance on which doors are best for your home and the environment!