Casement windows are one of the most popular window products for the modern home. They’re found across the real estate marketplace and are widely utilized on a range of home designs. For homeowners considering adding new casement windows to their home, it’s important to analyze the benefits that casement windows could provide. And so within this latest post, we’ll highlight four benefits of casement windows.

Casement Windows Benefits

  1. Casement Windows can be Opened Fully
  2. During the warm summer months, many homeowners want to open the windows to the property and allow the warmth of the summer sun as well as the fresh breeze into their property. Casement windows are one of the few window products on the marketplace that allow for this level of control. They can be opened fully, with the entire window capable of being swung open. It’s a benefit that gives these windows the advantage over products such as sliding and double hung windows.

  3. Casement Windows Offer Security
  4. Another benefit of casement windows is that they are harder to break into from the outside. That’s because the casement window locks are hook shaped and embedded within the frame. When compared with window styles such as double hung windows, which can be easily pried open, this highlights the inherent advantage of installing casement windows in the family home.

  5. Casement Windows Offer Lead-Class Energy Efficiency
  6. The majority of homeowners are now examining ways to reduce their monthly energy expenditure as the cost to heat and cool their home rises. Casement windows can play a significant role in helping homeowners reduce their energy costs. The window sash within the casement window design presses against the frame when the system is closed, thereby creating an airtight seal. This helps ensure that air cannot pass into the home through the window space.

  7. Casement Windows are Easy to Use
  8. Homeowners are seeking out window systems that are exceptionally easy to integrate and use within their home. This is another area where casement windows have the advantage of other products. They use single-lever latches or tandem latches that are easy for homeowners to open and close and, in addition, the majority of these models can be fitted with automatic openers to further simplify use.

By integrating casement windows in their homes, property owners across Canada can secure their property while enhancing their energy efficiency. To learn more on the range of benefits casement windows can bring to your home, contact our expert team today!