Quality garage doors last a long time, so you wouldn’t want yours to break from the lack of general maintenance. The level of maintenance that you’d like to invest can vary, but any effort will help to stretch the useful life of the door. It’ll be worth it since a functioning garage door can make the difference when it comes to storing and easily accessing your possessions.

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

Testing And Inspection

When it comes to mechanical issues, it’s always best to detect issues early. The easiest way to identify problems is to open and close the garage door and keep an eye out for these issues:

  • Sounds of stress, such as screeching and grating noises;
  • There is a hitch in the movement of the garage door as it slides along the track;
  • Springs, cables, and panels that are misaligned, bent, or asymmetrical in a way that’s not intended.

If you spot any of these things, it’s time to call in a professional. Do not attempt to fix the garage door unless you already have the skills because the doors are heavy and pieces that help it move are under a lot of pressure.

Clean And Lubricate The Door

Using a damp rag, wipe the exterior of the door of salt and other debris. Also, sweep the track to remove leaves, twigs, and cobwebs. Once cleaned, check to see that the hinges, springs, and bearings are lubricated, and if not, use the appropriate lubricant to help it along, such as non-silicon-based lubricant or motor oil. White lithium grease can be used specifically on the chains, which you can apply directly along the exposed links, while spray lubricant works better on the springs.

Give The Door Enough Clearance

Garage doors need a lot of room to open and close, especially if they’re the less common type that swing forward or back. Good habits for keeping the space clear include:

  • Stacking boxes away from the entrance up to 5 feet inwards;
  • Avoid leaning things like skis along the wall;
  • Using the side door to exit the garage or closing it from the outside with the remote control.

Even if your garage door has a safety reverse, it’s best not to activate that feature unless it’s necessary.

Using these simple tips described above and knowing a reliable professional who can help you fix problems as they arise will keep your garage door in good condition.