The beauty of owning a home is the ability to make it one’s own. As a homeowner, you have full freedom to do exactly as you please. And while it is true that beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, there are a few design trends that don’t have any benefit, aesthetically or functionally. Whenever you’re tempted to put into action all those ideas floating around in your head, be sure to think before you act on your ideas and consider the potential problems and drawbacks that could arise.

Say Goodbye To These Design Trends

We’ve compiled some of the trends you’re better off completely avoiding:

Just Say No To These Problematic Designs

Vintage windows – we get it, you want your home to stand out from the crowd and sport that authentic charm, and from an aesthetic point-of-view, old-school windows are definitely one way to make this happen. However, there is a big reason why turn of the century homes are notorious for having high energy bills.

The vast majority of traditional style windows are incredibly inefficient. They feature single panes of glass which do a horrible job at preventing heating from escaping and for keeping cold air out. Unless you are willing to fork over a ton of extra money in gas and electricity costs, you should aim to install a modern set of double-panes.

Hanging animal heads – unless you’re an avid hunter who takes pride in hunting for sport, hanging the heads of deer and other wildlife is both tacky and overused. This once popular trend has turned into somewhat of a cliche, and just doesn’t suit well with most people.

Keep Calm and Get Rid of the “Keep Calm” board – isn’t it amazing how equally fast trends rise to fame then fall out of style? There is perhaps no better example of this then in the “Keep Calm” saying trend. Like many, it has been overused to the point of exhaustion, and is yet another tacky design element that you should avoid at all costs. Why not hang a piece of art instead, because you know, good art rarely goes out of style.

One last mention before we forget. If you have a rug on your toilet, go ahead and toss it in the garbage. Sorry folks, but that retro look died long ago!